Reading Is a Gift



The books have been delivered. See photos here.

ANDÖIím starting the project again!

Reading Is a Gift Mission Statement


Reading Is a Giftís mission is to collect gently used childrenís books from the Denver metro area and distribute them to children in lower income areas.



Reading Is a Giftís vision is to give children the opportunity to read thereby encouraging literacy and knowledge to help make a difference in decreasing hatred and violence in the world.


Goal: Reading Is a Gift hopes to encourage reading and literacy in pre-school, elementary, middle and high school students in the Costilla County, Colorado area (Blanca/Fort Garland and San Luis).


Reading Is a Gift Story (how I came up with this project)


Reading Is a Gift Flyer #1


Reading Is a Gift Flyer #2


Reading is a Gift Flyer #2 (Microsoft Word document)